capture the moment: holiday engagement photos

The magic of the holiday season is upon us and we can’t help but think of all the opportunities to capture breathtaking moments with uniquely styled photos.  The props to perfect your engagement photos are endless this time of year: mistletoe, sparkling lights, snowflakes, hot cocoa…the list goes on and on!  Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite shots and tips on how to make them your own:

12_05_12 blog post collage

1.  Light up your evening photo sesh with a bright string of bulbs.
2.  Get cozy on a bold plaid blanket in freshly fallen snow.
3.  Sport his & hers flannels and strike a pose as the sun goes down.
4.  Blazing bonfire + heart marshmallows = the perfect way to warm up a chilly shoot!
5.  Seek shelter from the cold and get artsy by painting your save the date message on a white wall or blank canvas.
6.  Channel your inner lumberjack and hit the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree.  Visit a local farm where you can chop down your own tree – not only will it make for great photos, but some guaranteed laughs along the way!
7.  Gather an assortment of ribbon and hang it overhead to spruce up any backdrop.
8.  Use two candy canes to create a perfect heart (be sure to remove the plastic wrappers first!).


photo credits: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


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