signature drink: gin

For many of us, at this point in our lives we’ve been to so many weddings we can’t count them all. There were the straight-off-the-diploma-stage weddings that were quickly planned during college finals on a VERY tight budget, the early-20’s/first-job weddings held at wedding halls with creative DIY additions, and the 30-something weddings at unique venues that were partly glam and sometimes over the top. You probably feel like you’ve seen it all, and it takes something really special to to make you remember specific nuptials. Cue Lovely Day.

It’s our job to help you discover and create those liiiittttle additions that will make your big day stand out against the rest, and it doesn’t always take thousands of dollars in tent draping or chandelier rentals to make it happen. For example, we simply adore signature cocktails. While many couples opt to include their favorite drink on the menu, few take the extra step to add a sweet detail to their spirits. Serving your drink in a specialty glass is a start – mason jars, low ball or old fashioned glasses or champagne flutes do the trick depending on your wedding theme. You can also have the glass rims dipped in sanding sugar or edible glitter, or you can include a fresh sprig of lavender in the drink if it meshes with your recipe.

But what we really love are custom stirrers or straws – they add an attention to detail that your guests won’t miss! Striped paper straws (matching or complementing your wedding colors) were a big trend in 2012 weddings and we think they’ll continue in 2013 – but you can make yours really special by including a drink flag with a sweet message. Whether it’s your wedding date, your initials, or a cute saying, custom straws or stirrers are super affordable and easy to find on Etsy. We specifically love the ones by Bab’s Giddygappers – and the possibilities and color combinations are endless!

If you don’t have a favorite mixed drink but want one, we’ll be posting boozy inspiration once in a while so check back often! One of our favorite gin cocktails is the Bees Knees, a simple combination of honey, lemon juice and gin that we could drink all day long. With a sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor, it’s bound to be a universal winner among all of your guests! #addicted.



Cocktail photo credit: Martha Stewart Weddings
Cocktail recipe: Serious Eats
Custom straws & stirrers: Etsy


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