trend spotting: lace

Lace is popping up everywhere in every color…and we just can’t get enough!  As you can probably tell from our Bridal Fashion Pinterest board we are a tad obsessed with lace wedding dresses, but a lace dress isn’t the only way to incorporate this trend into your wedding.  Check out some of our favorite lace accessories and décor ideas…


1. If you’re in the market for a beautifully delicate garter, Emily Riggs is your girl.
2. I just love these lace & satin wedding shoes…and the “I Do” in blue is a fun touch.
3. A cathedral veil is sure to make a statement as you make your way to the alter.
4. Add a lace runner to your tablescape and to really make it pop, place it over another solid fabric like the burlap shown here.
5. This cake is almost too pretty to eat!
6. Wrap your bouquet in lace & add a broach to hold it in place. Use the lace from your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress and make this your “something old.”
7. It doesn’t get much better than lace & burlap invites!
8. Use your grandmother’s vintage doilies to DIY a lace vase.
9. Get your groom involved in the trend with a lace boutonniere.



One thought on “trend spotting: lace

  1. Reblogged this on karsmithblog and commented:
    We went shopping for my sisters dress and came across a lot of lace dresses. Even though my sister does not typically like lace, she actually ended up finding a gorgeous lace wedding dress! I highly recommend brides at least trying them on. You never know it if could be “the one”.

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