v-day: a picture is worth a thousand “i love you’s”

Let me preface this post by saying it is NOT sponsored. As it turns out, I am a marketers dream. Despite protests from my wallet, I tend to react (usually immediately) to relevant, creative advertising… which turns into poorly-thought-out impulse buys. Luckily, this random retail therapy has resulted in some of my finest purchases, including Marc Jacobs wallets, Rebecca Minkoff handbags, and J.Crew cashmere on final sale. So when I get the itch I usually trust my gut and go for it.

Cut to Friday, January 25th when I stumbled on a Facebook post by Green Wedding Shoes (one of our daily blog stops).  As always, they were promoting something fabulously chic – this time, a photo mosaic poster by a company called CanvasPop – and there was a discount code.

First, I fell in love with the mosaic. That would look just perfect above the couch in my living room. Second, I saw the 30% discount code and searched for my wallet. And last, I remembered Valentine’s Day was around the corner and I was still missing a gift for my hubs.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 8.36.03 PM

See, the amazing thing about CanvasPop is that it lets you pull photos from your social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, etc. – and use them to create your own custom mosaic. They even spot-treat the photos with their photo-graphic-experts to make sure they’re perfect quality for printing. And we just so happened to have hundreds of photos from our engagement and wedding year lying around, waiting to be printed on canvas.

I spent about an hour finding the right mix of images and ended up with a HUGE 36″ x 54″ canvas filled with 200 incredible memories. Honestly, it rocks.

Our canvas arrived early so this post isn’t a spoiler for hubs, but let me tell you – HE LOVES IT. We’re completely obsessed and can’t stop staring. Gift for him + wall art for me. Am I the best (manipulating/scheming/stylish) wife ever or what.


I will NOT be offended if you snag my idea and create your own photo mosaic of love; in fact I’ll even share Green Wedding Shoes discount code with you (IT’S STILL ACTIVE!) so that you can create the coolest, fiscally responsible gift ever. Hey, you’ve got a wedding to pay for.

Hop over to CanvasPop, tell your sweetie his/her gift is on the way, and enter code GREENWEDDINGSHOES at checkout to save 30% until 2/28!

{p.s. They also have amazing customer service. Shout out to my girl Linda for making the ordering process a total dream!}

XOXO and Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!



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