bridal style: nail polish

When you get close to your big day it all comes down to the details. The “big stuff” is done and handled – the caterer knows about your bridesmaids allergy to shellfish and your grandmothers affection for bourbon, your florist is getting your must-have peonies shipped in from overseas, and you and your wedding planner are finishing each others sentences. Now it’s time for the small stuff – final waxing appointments, last minute teeth whitening, picking up suits from the dry cleaners, walking around the house in your wedding heels so you don’t fall on your face at the ceremony, and the bridal mani/pedi. Here are our tips to check one thing off that list and get perfectly polished nails:

When it comes to color, you’ve got a year of engagement manicures to find your wedding day favorite. You get engaged and you can just not.stop.staring at your new bling. And neither can anyone else! The year of your engagement = countless trips to the nail salon and hundreds of manicures to keep those paws perfect, so pick shades to test out, keeping your wedding colors in mind. For example, if you’re having a vintage garden wedding, a pastel nude or peach color might complement your décor.  If your wedding is black and white/formal, a bright pop of ruby red could create a classic look. Can’t make up your mind? Go traditional – pretty pink nails are always in style.

Let your maids know what you’re doing – in advance. Some brides want their bridal party to match, some don’t care at all. If you have an opinion let your girls know ahead of time. Some ways to lighten their burden: include manicures in your “gift” to your maids and let the manicurists know which color you’d like. Or, buy them all a bottle of polish and hand them out at your Bachelorette party. This way they’ll have your shade in hand when they get their nails done before your wedding. Also, don’t forget toes! If you have a summer wedding and strappy sandals are part of the ensemble, tell your girls if you’d like their pedi to match their mani, or give them color guidelines (no black polish, stay in the red/pink/coral family, etc.). They’ll thank you for the heads up!

Wait until the last minute for your manicure. We usually recommend shellac or gel polish for the bride so that she doesn’t have to worry about chips on her wedding day, but the wear and tear on your nails can be rough. If you choose a regular mani for yourself, wait until the day before your wedding (max 2 days before) to get your manicure. We know it’s a hectic time but you can slip away for the hour it takes to get polished!

If you choose a more traditional look for your nails, here are our favorite “perfect-wedding-day-pink” shades to try!


1. essie “Sugar Daddy” (try layering with essie “Madmoiselle” for a more opaque pink) 2. Zoya “Stephanie 3. OPI “Hearts & Tarts4. Mac “Delicate5. essie “Allure” (Kate Middleton’s wedding color!) 6. OPI “Bubble Bath7. Chanel “Ballerina8. essie “Better Together




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