CFCTB: vendor booking timeline

When you’re freshly engaged to your love and can’t stop staring at your bling, booking vendors isn’t high on your priority list – but it should be. You see, Connecticut is a small state, and while there are hundreds of venues, photographers, caterers and florists out there, there are a select few you’ll want to book. Since the “best” are in demand, they book up – quick – so the sooner you confirm your top vendors, the more selection and choice you’ll have.

I got engaged February 5, 2011 (on a perfectly imperfect day that deserves its own post). Hubby is a teacher, so we knew we’d have to tie the knot the following summer. Thinking I had plennnttty of time (17 months to be exact), I half-heartedly began Googling Connecticut venues to make a list. Googling quickly turned into email inquiries and calls, and suddenly I was getting the same answer from everyone –  “Oh, we’re already completely booked for 2012” (!) or “All we have open is a Friday in April” (!!) or “What about 2013?” (!!!)

I couldn’t believe it. How long had these other brides been engaged that they beat me to booking? I started panicking that we were late to the game and would have to say “I do” at a VFW and serve chicken fingers at the reception (yes, I tend to overreact). I immediately Google’d “wedding timeline,” and according to several sources I was right on track. So why was everyone booked? The truth was, the standard  timelines you find on the web don’t really apply here. As a neighbor to Manhattan and member of the tri-state area, Connecticut wedding planning begins much further out. Plus, if you want to get married during the desirable months of “wedding season” (May-October), you may have to book even earlier to get what you want.

So, put aside the wedding timeline you downloaded from The and listen up. We’re here to provide guidelines on whom-to-book-when so you have choices and don’t have to settle for which vendors are available. (Note: The below assumes a 1 year engagement)


Don’t have a year+ to plan? No problem. This is where our vast network of preferred Connecticut vendors kicks in to benefit you. All it takes is a quick call on our short list of fabulous vendor friends, and chances are that someone knows someone who’s available for your wedding. Plus, we always have some hidden venues up our sleeve in case your favorite is booked!

The good news is, once you book your first few vendors your work is over for a while – and you can sit back and sip that champagne with your fiancé. Just get those vendor contracts signed and your wedding on their books, and you’re good to go! They’ll contact you when the real planning needs to start down the line.

Questions? Bring ’em on!



One thought on “CFCTB: vendor booking timeline

  1. Don’t forget about booking your calligrapher! If you’re booking a small one-on-one type business (rather than an internet juggernaut) you’ll want to book well in advance as many small scale calligraphers only take one or two weddings per month. Since I like to help brides with every thing from save the date cards to day-of papers, and your lettering styles can really solidify a wedding’s theme and feel, I suggest meeting with your calligrapher at least 9 months from your date– up to a year if your wedding is during high season!

    Best wishes to all you new brides!

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