holiday weddings: do or don’t?

Summer is here and with it comes a multitude of national holidays to celebrate. Memorial Day kicks it off with outdoor BBQs and the re-emergence of white denim, then we celebrate July 4th with fireworks and extended beach trips, and Labor Day rounds out the summer months with final dips in the pool before the air turns chilly.

As save-the-dates fill the calendar from June through September, we’re often asked about the etiquette of a holiday weekend wedding. Is it rude for my guests? Will they hate me for crashing a 3-day weekend? Are there price breaks on holiday weekends? Do I have to have a holiday-themed wedding?


Here’s our advice if you’ve set your eye on a holiday weekend:

1. No, it’s not rude. Your wedding day is your choice, but with your choice come consequences. Just like you could expect a thinner guest list for a Thursday wedding, be prepared for RSVP regrets over a holiday weekend. Guests might have long-standing plans (they have a family reunion tradition each July 4th weekend, or spend every Labor Day at a time share location, etc.), or they may simply choose the extra vacation over your wedding. While your wedding is the most important day for YOU, you can’t be offended by their choice. They are choosing, just as you chose.

2. They won’t hate you… especially if you give them LOTS of notice. While save-the-dates are traditionally sent 6 months prior to your wedding, expert stationer Mr. Boddington suggests  letting your guests know up to 9 months in advance. This will allow them time to make plans and shop around for transportation (more on that in the next tip).

3. Sorry, you might not get a deal. Most venues treat the Sunday of a holiday weekend like a Saturday, which means you’ll pay a premium. While many couples choose holiday weekends so that they can extend their celebration, you’ll want to look into lodging prior to signing the venue contract. During the summer months, many hotels and inns in highly-trafficked areas require a 2-night stay. While this may work for you and your family and bridal party, guests who plan to only attend the wedding (and not your welcome dinner or morning-after brunch) will be out of luck. It’s also smart to check the town calendar to see if there are events scheduled for your weekend that could hamper your hotel availability.

Costs for flights and transportation also increase for travel over holiday weekends, so your guests will need plenty of notice to shop for the best deal.

4. Party like it’s… your wedding. If you choose a New Year’s Eve wedding and want to include a countdown, sparklers and 2014 glasses as favors, go for it! But don’t feel pressured to include the holiday in your plans. Add hamburger sliders to your menu because you love them, not because you feel you need to recognize summer BBQing at your Memorial Day wedding.

We hope that helps! A holiday weekend wedding can be a lot of fun – contact us for help planning your sensational soiree!



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