planning guide: what to do with your bouquet?

You did it! You managed all of the vendors and family politics, the weather was perfect and you even remembered to grab your bouquet at the end of the night – you got married! Congratulations, kisses all around and you’re on to the after party with your new hubby… but don’t forget your pretty petals at the dive bar!

After all the back and forth with your floral designer (and the price tag – some bridal bouquets go for $200-500!) you don’t want to leave your stunning bouquet to wilt in the sun while  you’re off on your honeymoon. Here are our favorite ideas to make your bridal bouquet last past your wedding:

Dry that sucker out: Go the traditional route and hang that bad boy upside down in a cool, dry place. After about a week or so of drying, it might be ready to put in a shadowbox (like this one) where you can remember it forever! Hang the shadowbox in the hallway or powder room where you can enjoy it every day.

Press some blooms: Take a few of your favorite flowers from your bouquet and press them between sheets of parchment paper. Stick them in a heavy book and leave them on the bookshelf for a month or so, then add the pressed blooms to your wedding scrapbook or photo album.

Wear it: A new idea is to grind the dried booms and create beads that can be designed into a bracelet or necklace. This company will send you a floral cooler kit to ship your bouquet, and they’ll ship you back a pair of earrings or a ring designed from your flowers!

Share them with a loved one: A common trend is to lay your bouquet at the grave of a loved one who couldn’t be with you on your big day. A small way of sharing your day with someone you wish could have had been there.

Whatever you decide to do, make a plan before your wedding day! Too many beautiful bouquets are simply tossed because they’re forgotten about until it’s too late. Don’t let yours hit the trashcan without thinking about it first!


Gorgeous bouquets from some of our favorite Connecticut floral designers (from left to right): Just For You Floral Design, Hana Floral Design, Datura: A Modern Garden




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